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Stay in control with ExperienceIQ™:
Enhanced Parental Control

With kids using the internet for school and play more than ever, it's vital to be able to monitor and manage their internet usage.

Set profiles, content filters, and schedule screen time limits so that learning is taking place on the sites, apps, and devices appropriate for your child.

Available as an add-on to GVTC Premium WiFi for $3.95/mo*

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Assign profiles

Have all your child's devices assigned to their profile, so you can easily control their access


Control access

Filter the content, apps and websites they can access

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Set time limits

Safely enforce screen time limits within your home and when they can access the internet


Easily monitor usage

No more fights about how long your child has been gamin—with ExperienceIQ™ you'll have the data at your fingertips

Monitor and manage

From your GVTC WiFi app


Assign devices to members of your house so you can monitor how much and when your kids are using the internet, and set daily limits and schedule shut-down times.SHOP NOW



Add ExperienceIQ™ to the GVTC Premium WiFi App

GVTC's Premium WiFi features extended coverage throughout your home, allowing for increased speeds and more devices to be seamlessly connected to the internet.

Our Premium router is powered by WiFi 6, ensuring that you're ready for future technology, now.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for ExperienceIQ™: Enhanced Parental Control?

Call 800-367-4882 or visit and add ExperienceIQ™ to your GVTC Premium WiFi subscription.

How do I add ExperienceIQ™ to my GVTC WiFi App?

Click here to learn how to use ExperienceIQ.

How do I use ExperienceIQ™?

Click here to view video tutorials.