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GVTC techconnect

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Services Include

  • IoT device support - software/OS and device installation 
  • diagnostics
  • data transfers 
  • backup
  • troubleshooting 
  • repair and more

GVTC techconnect is for anyone who...


Needs help with troubleshooting new or already owned devices.


Uses modern tech on a daily basis.



Prefers to receive help from the comfort of their home.


Prefers talking with a live agent, not an automated system.




Speak with real people 

with GVTC techconnect

Using technicians sourced in the US, GVTC techconnect happily offers a variety of tech support. Interact remotely with experienced IT personnel for any tech issue you may be having. From removing challenging computer viruses to helping customers set up zoom calls, no problem is too big or too small.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What devices does techconnect support?

We can assist with devices that run:

  • Windows 7, 8.1, 10, and 11
  • MacOS 10.15 and newer
  • iOS (versions 13 and above, screen sharing only due to Apple restrictions on remote device control)
  • Android (needs to support the BeyondTrust Support app available on Google Play, usually Android 7-13+)
  • ChromeOS (similar conditions as with Android)
  • Linux (compatibility varies by distribution; the connection process might be more complex for some)

What device restrictions should I know about? What's not supported?

We cover most issues from major OS fixes to basic app problems on supported devices. However, hardware failures might need local tech or manufacturer help. In rare cases, certain app issues might require resources beyond our access, leading us to refer to the device software's support team.

How does TechConnect support mobile devices?

We handle mobile devices via web browsers and manage mobile OS devices using the BeyondTrust Support app from Google Play or the Apple Store. Android devices usually offer full access.

How does TechConnect assist with IoT devices?

If you have the IoT app (Google Home, Alexa, Smart Life, IFTTT, etc.) installed, we can help with tasks like pairing devices, setting up routines, and custom behaviors

Can TechConnect help with software issues, like Excel, PowerPoint, etc.?

Absolutely! We often assist with Microsoft Office apps and other specific software issues.

Can TechConnect help with virtual software, like Zoom or Teams?

Yes, we've helped many customers set up and troubleshoot Zoom, Teams, or general issues with microphones and webcams for virtual calls.

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