WiFi powerful enough to connect you to the future

GVTC Premium WiFi powered by WiFi 6


Introducing the newest standard in WiFi technology

GVTC's Premium WiFi features extended coverage throughout your home, allowing for increased speeds and more devices to be seamlessly connected to the internet.

Our Premium router is powered by WiFi 6, ensuring that you're ready for future technology, now.




Eliminate your WiFi Dead Zones

Improved throughput and coverage allows WiFi to comfortably cover your whole home


Powered by WiFi 6 for the Newest Tech

Optimized to work with WiFi 6 devices, GVTC Premium WiFi has you prepared for future technology


Managed router service keeps you connected

Remote support and 24-hour technical support makes sure that your network is always up and running


Personalize your WiFi Network

With the GVTC WiFi App, manage devices, guest access to your network and enable parental controls

Smart Homes need Smart WiFi

With more connected devices in your home, you need WiFi that can keep up. GVTC Premium WiFi has the power you need to keep your smart home connected. Improved throughput allows for more devices to be connected to your network at the same time, while keeping up with your streaming and download needs.


Large home? We've got you connected.

From multi-story homes, to outdoor entertainment areas, add Mesh Access Points to your GVTC Premium WiFi plan to extend network coverage where you need it.

A GVTC technician can walk you through your home and help you decide if Mesh Access Points are right for you.

Whole home connection

Outdoor backyard TV Large house home Wi-Fi solutions Mesh Access Points

Personalize your WiFi experience

The GVTC WiFi App gives you control over your WiFi network

  • Manage connected devices
  • Enable parental controls
  • Set up guest networks
  • Change passwords easily

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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about GVTC Premium WiFi

How is this router different to the previous router GVTC provided?

The new GVTC Premium WiFi router utilizes WiFi 6 standard technology to provide faster speeds, more coverage and allows you to connect more devices to your network. 

What is WiFi 6?

WiFi 6 is the next generation standard in WiFi technology, built in response to the growing number of devices in the average home. It is designed to improve speed, increase transmit efficiency and reduce WiFi congestion in areas where there is heavy WiFi consumption.

The technology utilized by WiFi 6 allows for your WiFi to handle up to 4x the number of devices as older routers. It also improves speeds by up to 25%. WiFi 6 also gives you more bandwidth by doubling the WiFi band channels that connect your router to your devices.

How is GVTC Premium WiFi different to Google WiFi?

GVTC Premium WiFi is an all in one broadband and WiFi service from a local provider that can support all of your home's WiFi needs. It offers a WiFi 6 powered router that providers faster speeds and more coverage, and in most cases does not require the use of mesh units. If you have a larger home or particular structural challenges that cause WiFi dead zones, Mesh Access Points which provide extended coverage can be added. GVTC Premium WiFi also provides a managed router service to support you with technical issues.

Google WiFi may be more costly and is self-managed.

What if I require technical support?

Contact GVTC on 800-367-4882.

How can I manage my passwords and guest access to my WiFi?

GVTC Premium WiFi comes with the GVTC WiFi app, which gives you the ability to manage your passwords, set up guest access to your WiFi, enable parental controls and more. Click here to learn more.