Protect all the devices connected to your WiFi

Free with GVTC Premium WiFi on GVTC's Fiber Network



If it's connected to your WiFi network, it's protected by ProtectIQ

Did you know hackers can push into your home network through unprotected WiFi-connected devices such as your Amazon Echo, security cameras, and even your phone?

ProtectIQ is a network-level security service that protects ALL devices connected to your WiFi by continuously monitoring the traffic in your network to block intrusions and threats.

ProtectIQ is free for all GVTC Premium WiFi customers.



GVTC Premium WiFi powered by WiFi 6 is the newest standard in WiFi technology

GVTC's Premium WiFi features extended coverage throughout your home, allowing for increased speeds and more devices to be seamlessly connected to the internet.

Our Premium router is powered by WiFi 6, ensuring that you're ready for future technology, now.



Eliminate your WiFi Dead Zones

Improved throughput and coverage allows WiFi to comfortably cover your whole home


Powered by WiFi 6 for the Newest Tech

Optimized to work with WiFi 6 devices, GVTC Premium WiFi has you prepared for future technology


Managed router service keeps you connected

Remote support and 24-hour technical support makes sure that your network is always up and running


Personalize your WiFi Network

With the GVTC WiFi App, manage devices, guest access to your network and enable parental controls

Learn how ProtectIQ blocks threats to your WiFi network

Plus learn how to use ProtectIQ's features



When was the last time you updated the virus protection for your smart doorbell or thermostat?

How many times have you ignored the suggested updates for virus protection you might have installed on a computer? ProtectIQTM updates every single week, automatically protecting you from a growing list of known threats, for every connected device in your home, including all your smart home devices. No manual update required.


Smart Homes need Smart WiFi

With more connected devices in your home, you need WiFi that can keep up. GVTC Premium WiFi has the power you need to keep your smart home connected. Improved throughput allows for more devices to be connected to your network at the same time, while keeping up with your streaming and download needs.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for ProtectIQ?

ProtectIQ is free for all GVTC Premium WiFi customers. To sign up for GVTC Premium WiFi, call 800-367-4882 or visit gvtc.com/shop.

How do I download the GVTC WiFi App?

GVTC Premium WiFi customers can download the app by click below:

app-apple app-google


How do I add ProtectIQ to my GVTC WiFi App?

Click here to learn how to add ProtectIQ to your GVTC WiFi App.

How do I use ProtectIQ™?

Click here to view a video tutorial.